Presents the

2017 Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride

Presents the

2017 Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride

how to sponsor miles

Please remember that the miles you sponsor, 100% of the donations, go directly to Honor Flight Northern Colorado. All of the ride expenses DO NOT come out of this money and are being provided by numerous friends and family.


Sponsoring is easy! It's $1 per mile to get involved and you can sponsor as many or as few miles as you like. If you are ready to help send World War II, Korea and Vietnam Veterans to Washington D.C. on the next Honor Flight from Northern Colorado follow the steps below


  1. Send a check or money order made payable to Honor Flight Northern Colorado.

    Mail your check/money order to:
    Charley Barnes

    3206 Valmont Street
    Evans, CO 80620
  2. To donate online CLICK HERE.    THEN - Either EMAIL CHARLEY ( )to let him know you donated online and how much you donated or leave a post on FB.  He will then add the miles to his tracking sheet.

PLEASE NOTE - It is SUPER important once you donate online that you let Charley know so he can track those miles and we can all watch the goal line rise!

Make sure to include your name and where you live

If you are sponsoring miles on behalf of a veteran in your life, we LOVE to learn more about them. Please provide some details on them like their name, rank, branch they served in etc. The more information you can provide on their behalf the better. This information will be noted on the FB page.


If you're just not sure how this all works, or still not sure how to sponsor miles, fill in the contact form page on this website and we'll be happy to answer any question you may have.



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