Presents the

2017 Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride

Presents the

2017 Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride

Erik jon barrett - Ride Coordinator (Hunter, Ohio)

Born: circa 1965


Somewhere in California to drunken gypsies


Raised in NorCal by/with/in a very generous family


Started riding motorcycles at age 11 thanks to James H. Bates (a retired San Francisco PD Motorcycle Cop) and his three boys that lived across the street


First guitar at age 13, I would be surrounded by them from this point forward


Started riding on the street at age 15, I would be surrounded by them from this point forward


Took my oath for the Marine Corps 5 days before graduating high school at age 17


Desperately sought the path of least resistance for a decade or so and was a gas station attendant, Surveyor, EMT, Fire Fighter (Texas A&M), psych tech, mover, school bus driver, high end audio sales dude (Bay Area), music store dude (Guitar Showcase, San Jose), bartender


Graduated from college in 2 years at age 28 in Ohio


Worked as an RN in California and Ohio, currently an independent contractor for various health insurance companies in Ohio


Ohio Patriot Guard Rider since June 2011


Journey 4 Justice member since August of 2011, current National Vice President


Currently the owner/sol proprietor of 1 More Ride Motorcycle Hearse Company


Married to Julie she makes me a husband, step-father, and pawpaw to the two most perfect granddaughters that could ever be.


I’ve known Charley for a few years now and have been involved in the past two attempts at this 10,000 miles in 10 days ride. When he first mentioned it, I said “that sounds nuts, no one in their right mind would try such a thing, I’m in”. My role is one of support and communication. Locating resources and lodging when things go off the rails and things always go off the rails. And communication via updates on the Facebook pages and private updates with key friends and family. I love Charley and Mike like brothers. It has been and continues to be an honor to be a part of this ride for Honor Flight Northern Colorado.  My Marine Corps experience was during a period of relative calm. There was no active threat of going to combat. It is this “unused warrior guilt” that fuels me now.


I am


Erik Jon Barrett



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